Ukraine 2022: the war of a megalomaniac sociopath


Those who...

A "special military operation" against a free nation.

A war of aggression against millions of innocent people.

The war of a state terrorist, born of low and primitive motives.

Putin's war.

cannot remember...

This mass murderer stands outside of the human community.

His drive is greed for power and glory. His strategy is external and internal violence.

Владимир Владимирович Путин, история человечества не знает кремлевских сказок.

are condemned...

A nazionalism that destroys the lives of innocents.

A head of state who ordered the systematic destruction of livelihoods.

A church leader who is sanctioning the killing of the imperialist.

A civil society that largely falls for morally underexposed demagogues.

the past...

Every woman, every man,
every child, who has lost his live, lost his parents,
cannot or couldn't experience the beauty of our world,
puts this tiny one in the shade.

to repeat it.

from left to right:
personified hypocrisy and contempt for man

George Santayana

Easter 2022, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Moscow

personified contempt for man

Wladimir Michailowitsch Gundjajew, do you really think you are a priest?

Vladimir Putin, step back. And after that, do what you have to do Z? No!. Quickly.

Go back to the place , where you came from.

Putin in Riga

To the one who reads this here:
Z? No!
If you can't paint over the bloody "Z" with your hands, please do it in your mind.
For the brave people of Ukraine, for freedom, for humanity.

cross out the bloody Z with your hands